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Visual Proof that Facebook 'Likes' Matter

We wanted to share this small piece of information that will make a huge difference to your social media efforts.

Facebook engagement comes in three forms; Likes, Comments or Shares. Tech Savvy Agent posted this visual proof that Facebook Likes and Comments do indeed have a significant impact on the reach of your brand.

In the top image Tech Savvy Agent received 10 Likes and 12 Comments which led to 4,892 Impressions of the status update.

In the bottom image they received 472 Likes and 44 Comments which led to 22,466 Impressions of the status update. 

 If you read the posts you will see why post number 2 did so well. A specific call to action was used, hit like, as well as a valuable deliverable offered, new post published early.

Social media isn’t rocket science but can certainly get confusing with it constantly evolving and new things being added for its’ online users. So make sure you get the right message across first time round to achieve results.

I hope by seeing the difference in ROI so clearly in this visual example it will help your social media efforts and strategy improve.

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