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How OUR websites ‘LOOK’

Our exceptional team integrate unique designs with advanced web engineering to combine appealing visuals that best boost User experiences which in turn maximise return on investments.

How OUR websites ‘WORK’

Our websites are centred around two focal areas:

  • USERS – We develop User Friendly web solutions that enhance the Users experience which in turn maximise revenue generation.
  • CLIENTS – We provide unique functionalities that are easy to use for clients to update their own website whenever they wish.  In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, keeping your website up-to-date by utilising your own in-house resources in your own timeframes, without incurring additional expenses of web design agency fees is paramount. 

Our websites are engineered to:

  • Be updated by clients themselves as and when they require, saving both time and money.
  • Support Multi Language.
  • Download quickly.
  • Offer Real time bookings – as in the case of hotels, completing the full cycle of a booking, from room availability check to room booking and credit card payments (therefore not a simple e-mail or form compiled online which would simply be sent to front office personnel to deal with enquiries).
  • Perform well on search engines.

How OUR websites ‘ACT’

A few essential aspects of usability are manifested in all our websites:

  • Ease of Learning – Our websites allow first time Users to use them quickly in order to succeed in accomplishing basic tasks.
  • Efficiency of Use – Our websites are designed to allow rapid accomplishment of tasks for more experienced Users
  • Memorability – Casual Users of our websites are assisted by an interface design that they can remember how to use.
  • Error Minimisation – Our websites are designed to minimise the number and severity of errors, and allow for quick error recovery.
  • Subjective Satisfaction – The experience of using our websites is a pleasant one which maximises repeat visitors.

A simple example of web usability is the placement of navigation buttons which is essential to keeping visitors on your website.  We place key information items strategically where the human eye follows while scanning websites.

How OUR websites ‘FEEL’

How our  websites ‘Feel’ relate to how our websites ‘Act’, allowing:

  • Ease of Learning – Users feel it easy to accomplish tasks.
  • Efficiency of Use –  Users find it quick to accomplish tasks.
  • Memorability – Users find it easy to remember how to use our websites.
  • Error Minimisation – Users feel less frustrated with minimal errors and quick recovery processes.
  • Subjective Satisfaction – Users feel they had a pleasant experience on our websites.